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Bungee Jumping

It is believed that Bungee Jumping is one of the most craziest adventure. It is actually most scariest adventure. One does not need strong physique to jump, but, a strong heart is surely a must to undertake this extremely daring sport.

Aspen camp in association with Jumpin Heights invites you to experience the thrill of 83 meters Bungee Jump. Besides Bungee Jump, we do also have giant swing and flying fox on our platter. Just 4 kms (10 minutes) away from Aspen Camp the platform is set for all these activities under the supervision of a highly experienced team from New Zealand. More than 6000 people have got their certificate of “dare to jump”. I must add that the back-out percentage is about 15%. Hence, this is surely not a piece of cake. Yes, you need some guts if you “dare to jump” !! So what are you waiting for ?? Aspen Adventures is waiting for your call, and, to set your platform !!

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