Family outdoors

Planning a vacation with experts is even more important when you are travelling with your partner or family. This surely adds a lot to the tour. Aspen Adventures takes the worry and headache out of planning your vacation. Whether you are a small family unit or an extended family group, we will make the process seamless and straightforward. You are left with enjoying a peaceful and memorable family vacation. Leave everything to the experts!

We do understand that the need and interest of every individual is different. We specialise in personalising and customising the vacation for each individual or family. The backbone of our business is doing small things at the right time. We do not believe in the concept of watertight itineraries. Keeping the logistics and your safety in mind, we provide complete freedom to pick and choose not only the activity, but also, the time of the activity. We are there when it comes to serving quality and variety of food for adults as well as children. For example, whenever we have kids travelling we make sure that there is a dish prepared especially for kids – like burger, noodles etc.

Also, we are aware of the fact that the span of concentration of kids is very low. It is for this reason, we have numerous in-house games. The river attached to the campsite is very famous with kids. They really do enjoy their baby rafting with tire tube in the stream river.

Then, the most important factor that we must not forget while booking the tour is “Safety”. We are one of the few campsites in Rishikesh that holds a record for “impeccable safety”. With folded hands, our in-house First and CPR certified instructors do clearly mention the do’s and don’ts before any adventure activity.

At Aspen, we believe in the concept of combining adventure with fun, when your are out with your peers. The campsite has been an host to nearly 600 corporate houses around the globe and is considered to be an ideal venue for team building programs, adventure conferences and leisure team outings.

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School Gateways

Position in wilderness locations, school programs use adventure activities to create a new and appealing environment for students and educators where they can explore new attitudes, ideas and learn by doing. Aspen Adventures School programs are carefully chosen in offbeat destination that has an essence of conservation around them, where these programs make a positive impact on the environment and people.

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