Guest Speak

The feeling of being free, we experienced the best of service and hospitality. A friendly team of good, warm hearted people. The bonfires, nights of laughter, strumming of the guitar, the magic unfolded for us and we rejuvenated ourselves.

Akash Khanna Director MTS, India

It was wonderful being at your camp with you. Goes without saying, it was experience worth sharing & repeating & we can’t exclude ourselves from this. Awesome to summarize. Hospitality and courtesy matched with the facility. Aplace to come again and again.

JITENDRA MADAN, Managing Director,
Group Protech India

Thank you all very much for organizing this wonderful outbound training program. We had a great time and it brought back lovely memories of our last trip five years ago. In fact we recognized one of the guides from before and he did too. Our entire stay was very comfortable with the right amount of adventure and the food was DELICIOUS. Thank you once again and look forward to another trip very soon.

TEAM Jindal Intellicom

All that is expected from a weekend getaway with family is a rejuvenating time-warp. A clean and green environment, breathing fresh air,engorging scenic beauty, a change of activity and great food, is sufficient to complete the said time-warp, and can be easily achieved at any given tourist locale. What set apart our experience at Aspen in this respect, was the additive element of organized adventure to the above mentioned holiday routine. The Camp was complete with white water rafting, waterfall trekking, and cliff-jumping. That the planning of these little adventures was wholly taken care of by the staff and organizers at the camp, helped maintain the freewill that defines an actual holiday. Extremely comfortable tented accommodation,barbecued snacks with bonfires beneath clear starry skies, savory meals, and a five-minute long step way straight to the riverside, was what our abode wasmade up of those two spectacular days. Quite the best of both worlds, in a land away from the world!

Mr. A.P. Shrivastava Managing Director, NTPC

This was my second trip to Aspen Adventure camp at Rishikesh, theearlier one was with friend and this time around I decided to take my team at Standard Chartered Bank for an offsite between the 3rd to 5th of Feb 2012

The tents were nice, with clean beds and attached toilets. There was running water and electricity connection and the staff provided hot water on demand. The backdrop of the mountains was perfect for the offsite. We traversed back into our childhood, communicated as friends, competed fiercely and yet bonded together as a team.The program fulfilled its objectives and the series of physical activities aimed at challenging our limits truly hit the target.

Overall great venue and good choice! We were a group of 20 people and the stay at Camp Aspen was truly wonderful and we surely enjoyed every moment of it and we will definitely be back for more.

DEEPAK RATHORE, North Head, Standard Chartered