School Getaways

Position in wilderness locations, school programs use adventure activities to create a new and appealing environment for students and educators where they can explore new attitudes, ideas and learn by doing. Aspen Adventures School programs are carefully chosen in offbeat destination that has an essence of conservation around them, where these programs make a positive impact on the environment and people.

All our school outdoor learning programs are usually faster and easily understandable. There are many adventure activities like building your own raft, ropes course, rock climbing and rappelling, interaction with orphanage always offer new opportunities for achievement and learning.

Our School programs

Every Child Matter’s initiative programs: - The programs is designed and focused on all four areas of the ‘Every Child Matters’ outcomes. This is aimed to help children achieve their goals in life..

Over the years Aspen Adventures has revolutionised this concept of training by implementing elements of adventure into the routine training sessions popularly known as OBT’s/OMD’s.

With us students can: Be fit: Aspen special programs get children into the outdoors, learning about healthy lifestyles and active minds.

Stay Safe: Students can learn how to safely take risks for themselves in any environment.

Enjoy and Achieve: Students can learn while having fun. With appealing and inspiring challenges they will learn more about themselves and their classmates.

Positive Contribution: Students learn to work as a team, demonstrating support, tolerance and encouragement for others, time away from home encourages confidence and independence, key life skills development includes decision making, leadership, initiative and problem solving.

Some of our most famous school modules:

Summer Outdoor Programs
Prefect Leadership Programs
Wilderness and Outdoor Survival
Interpersonal Development Programs

Why book a school trip with us:

One educator goes free for every 15 students
All-inclusive itinerary planning by our travel experts.
One point of contact for all school trips.
Detailed Trip Notes relevant to each itinerary.
All trips are accompanied by a dedicated and skilled Group Leader.
All trips are subject to internal risk assessments by our Health and Safety Team.
All trips are operated in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

If you require something extra, please call or write us and we will be more than happy to put something together to meet your needs. There will be one point of contact throughout therefore you will enjoy consistency and a swift service.

Corporate Weekends

At Aspen, we believe in the concept of combining adventure with fun, when your are out with your peers. The campsite has been an host to nearly 600 corporate houses around the globe and is considered to be an ideal venue for team building programs, adventure conferences and leisure team outings.

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Family Outdoor

Planning a vacation with experts is even more important when you are travelling with your partner or family. This surely adds a lot to the tour. Aspen Adventures takes the worry and headache out of planning your vacation. Whether you are a small family unit or an extended family group, we will make the process seamless and straightforward. You are left with enjoying a peaceful and memorable family vacation. Leave everything to the experts!

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