Activities in Rishikesh

White Water Rafting

Though for most of the adventure enthusiast, rafting in rishikesh is the prime agenda for their visit here, but that’s not all what Rishikesh- the motherland of adventures has on offer. At Aspen Camps, we blend an array of other adventures/in-house activities like Rappelling, water fall treks, nature walks, yoga etc. that no other rafting camps in rishikesh has on offer.

River Rafting

At Aspen, this adventure experience is meticulously planned, keeping the elements of Thrill and Safety in mind. We provide you with top notch equipment’s and state of an art modern equipment, which makes your rafting experience not only exciting but safe. All are guides have a minimum of 05 years experience on the river and they undergo rigorous trainings and refreshers at the start of the season each year.

Some of the most favoured stretches of on the river are:

Bharampuri to Laxmanjhulla (9 Kms Approx.)
This gentle stretch is ideal for 1st time rafters, children above the age of 14 and families. It offers 3-4 grade II rapids, and one can also enjoy the thrills of Cliff Jump and Body Surfing. It ideally takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to cover this section on the river including the safety briefings, and gearing up with the equipments.

Shivpuri to Laxmanjhulla (16 Kms Approx.)
This rafting stretch includes exciting rapids of Grade II and Grade III such as Return to Sender, Roller Coaster, Tee Off, Golf Course, Club House, Initiation, etc. The rafters can also indulge in other activities during rafting like body surfing, cliff jumping. The approximate time in the river is of about 3-3.5 hours.

Marine Drive to Laxmanjhulla (24 Kms Approx.)
This is the complete stretch of river rafting in Rishikesh. Spread in over 24 kms, taking about 4-4.5 hours the rapids like Three Blind Mice, Return to Sender etc. on this stretch are the most adrenaline rushers. This stretch is also pretty popular for it’s breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

For us, safety of our guests, is at utmost priority, and we don’t comprise with the same. A complete safety briefing, along with the introduction of the equipment is done in detail and guests are briefed on the what to expect and how to maintain safety measures. Though rafting in rishikesh, is considered to be a thrilling activity, yet one has to be extremely cautious while engaging in it. Please disclose any/every medical ailment with the instructors prior to the trip and never debate/challenge their discretion.

Jungle Safari

jungle-safariTravelling to Rishikesh offers a unique opportunity for wildlife lovers. At a distance of 30 kms from Aspen Camp there exists the entry gate of Rajaji National Forest. Anyone who is a wildlife or nature lover, this place is a dream come true. We travel inside the park on 4WD Jeep safari. The forest in question is amazingly beautiful. The majestic Ganges flows through the National Park for a distance of about 24 kms, besides the innumerable streams and brooks making it rich and diverse. It offers ample opportunities to nature lovers to enjoy captivating landscape and wildlife.

The park is home to the tiger, leopard, Himalayan bear, Cheetah, hog deer, barking deer, sambar deer, wild boar, antelopes such as nilgai, goral, jackal, hyena, jungle cat, leopard cat, civets, Himalayan yellow-throated marten, sloth bears, pythons, king cobra, comman krait, Indian cobra, the monitor lizard and above all the Asian Elephant.

Visitors can enjoy the majestic views and make full use of their cameras to capture some of the most unique moments of their lifetime. You can also enjoy elephant rides, take help from guides, and opt for overnight stay and other amenities.

Bungee Jump/Flying Fox

Bungee Jump/Flying Fox It is believed that Bungee Jumping is one of the most craziest adventure. It is actually most scariest adventure. One does not need strong physique to jump, but, a strong heart is surely a must to undertake this extremely daring sport.

Aspen camp in association with Jumpin Heights invites you to experience the thrill of 83 meters Bungee Jump. Besides Bungee Jump, we do also have giant swing and flying fox on our platter. Just 4 kms (10 minutes) away from Aspen Camp the platform is set for all these activities under the supervision of a highly experienced team from New Zealand. More than 6000 people have got their certificate of “dare to jump”. I must add that the back-out percentage is about 15%. Hence, this is surely not a piece of cake. Yes, you need some guts if you “dare to jump” !! So what are you waiting for ?? Aspen Adventures is waiting for your call, and, to set your platform !!

Other Activities

Cliff Jumping:
If you did not get enough thrills during rafting and other activities, you should try this one. The feeling of that free fall and the big splash in the pristine waters of the Ganges will last for your lifetime. Our experts will not only teach you the right technique, but also maintain the highest level of safety. You will be provided with the necessary equipment and gears like life jackets and helmets. You can choose the level of difficulty in accordance with your preference and gradually move on to higher levels.

Cliff Jumping

Body Surfing:
The waves of the Ganges lure all avid swimmers to feel the rushing waters. Even non-swimmers can try this activity as all the safety measures are in place along with experienced lifeguards helping you with the right technique.

Rock Climbing/Rappelling:
The sport of rock climbing has different definitions for everyone. For some, this adventure means challenging their stamina and strength. Before we take you out on a rock climbing expedition, we would arrange for you a basic training session with the Aspen Trip Leaders. This session will help you to understand the techniques of this adventure sport. Rock climbing is not only about your physical strength but also about controlling your mind. The basics will include top roping, easy bouldering and lead climbing. At the end of the session, Aspen team of professionals will accompany you to the site where you will start your adventure of rock climbing.

Cliff Jumping

Post rock climbing, you can try the rappelling technique of getting down a steep cliff which would require presence of mind and concentration more than physical power. The sheer excitement of coming down a cliff will make you completely forget all your worries.

Waterfall Trek:
This is a mild adventure best suited for nature lover. The trek is not challenging or strenuous. In fact, the water fall trek is very soothing as we walk through the beautiful forest terrain. A 20 minutes walk, and, we reach to the delightful sprinkle shower Patna waterfall.

In-house Games:
Aspen Camp is built up in a huge area of 6 acres. The USP of the property are the lush green gardens. Apart from the three beautiful gardens, we have a proper volleyball court, and, separate sitting areas. Games like cricket, badminton, tug of war, human dragon etc. are a delight to play in the beautiful gardens that we have in store for our guests. Then, during evening bonfire and bar-be-que, besides live music, we do also indulge our guests in some family and one minute games. This is of course optional and people those who want quite evenings we do respect that too. All in all, there are a lot of activities and game options available when you travel with Aspen Adventures.

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